Here’s some helpful guidance on the kind of questions we’re often asked.

But if there’s anything else you’d like to know, please just ask:

What parts are included in a fifth wheel jaw repair kit?
The Jaw, Lockbar, Pivot Pins and Springs.

What parts are included in a slider repair kit?
The Slider Plungers and the Springs.

How do I adjust a fifth and how often should I do it?

Our adjustment procedure…

1. Undo the adjuster locknut and wind out the adjuster (anticlockwise) until it is completely free from the end of the lockbar.

2. Insert the new kingpin (or connect to a trailer) and ensure the mechanism fully closes.

3. Screw the adjuster clockwise until it touches the end of the lockbar.

4. Screw inwards a further 3 complete turns (to give 0.4mm running clearance).

5. Tighten the adjuster locknut.

6. Remove the kingpin/test unit

Adjustment should be checked every 6 months or 50,000 km

What is the wear tolerance on the fifth wheel jaw before I need a repair kit?
If the jaw is less than 20.25mm from the kingpin diameter to the flat face that meets the lockbar then a new jaw kit is required.

I cannot uncouple my fifth wheel – how do I fix this?
This is generally due to no adjustment on the lockbar for kingpin clearance or the adjuster stud is missing altogether. To fix this, carryout the adjustment procedure (see previous FAQ or refer to the the product manual) or if required – fit a new adjuster stud.

Can I change the height of my fifth wheel and what heights are available?
Yes, you can change the height of your fifth wheel. The mounting brackets are replaceable and are available in 7 heights, from 138m to 257mm.

What is the torque setting for the fifth wheel bolts?
The M16 fifth wheel bolts should be torqued to 280Nm.

Is the 150SP and the 150SP2 the same product?
Yes they are – it is just part of the fabricated body that is different. The mechanism and all repair kits are the same for both models.